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About Hohm

My Mission

I am the seeker of the obscure, procurer of the rare…the indescribable, the beautiful, the singular, and pieces of history that might be left behind. I will find the hand-painted watercolor Proto-Type of a 19thC Transferware Plate, have that framed and put into someone's house because of it's rare beauty; I will find the Sterling Silver Tiffany fork at my local Swap Meet, on a Sunday, at 7:30 a.m. because that's what I do; I will find a beautiful 19th C lithograph, personally pick out the perfect frame and create a perfect piece of art for someone's home.

I am always on the hunt for the next greatest find. The thrill of the hunt is never-ending. Also, I am here to preserve history and save it one piece at a time, so it does not end up in a dumpster because it does not have value.I am here to search for these moments in history, be it in an antique store, estate sale, swap meet, flea market, and thrift store and bring them to fellow lovers of antiques. My highest aspiration is to educate people and have them fall in love with the past, as well.

About Jennifer Riley

In the professional realm, Jennifer is a Multi-Level Entrepreneur.  An Interior Designer, Antique Dealer, and Colorist with high affinity for visual presentation: be it through paint, wallpaper, or decorating with art personally curated by Jennifer.  This core love and passion she feels for all things old and beautiful, started inadvertently at a young age.  Most people do not grow up in a Queen Anne Victorian house, built in 1892, and most are not dragged to antique stores at the age of five, but Jennifer was.  

She found her calling for antiques after several twists and turns in her young professional life.  Originally, set to take the film industry by storm, life had another more inviting plan in store for Jennifer.  In 2003, Jennifer opened her antique store, named Life of Riley Antiques.  Closing the store nearly two years later, Jennifer moved on to selling antiques on E-bay.  Then in 2009, she went back to school for a Certificate in Interior Design, finishing at the beginning of 2012.

Jennifer realized she had the ability to meld all the things she loved into a business: combining antiques, and her innate design abilities.  Now, in 2015, Jennifer is expanding her business beyond the realms of E-bay with the creation of a Shopify Website that will cater to private clients, looking for one-of-a-kind pieces.  Anything you need, Jennifer can find.